Where are markets heading in 2023, after a dull 2022?

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CEPS - Centre for European Policy Studies 1 Place du Congrès / Congresplein 1000 Brussels

2022 saw a big change in financial markets. Inflation returned very prominently to markets, reaching highs of over 10%. The ECB reacted, bringing interest rates back into positive territory and it allowed banks to have more healthy income levels. Bond and equity markets reacted with a big sell off, signalling a radical change in the financing conditions we have become accustomed to over the last few decades.

During this seminar we will discuss what changed in 2022 and the implications for 2023 with William de Vijlder, Group Chief Economist of BNP Paribas. Followed by comments from Petra de Deyne, Advisor at EMMI and Daniel Gros, Distinguished Fellow at CEPS.

The event will be moderated by Karel Lannoo, CEO, CEPS and General Manager, ECMI.