Unlocking Europe’s Hidden Capital Markets

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As the EU sets its priorities for the next five years, a rigorous assessment of the Capital Markets Union (CMU) and a new focus is required. CMU has been successful in terms of legislation, but much less so in its impact on the development and integration of EU markets. There is a need for re-branding and political support at the highest level if CMU is to achieve its objectives. The 2018 ECMI annual conference focused on equity markets, while the 2019 ECMI annual conference brought together policymakers, industry representatives and academics to exchange views on the continuation of CMU, the functioning of sovereign and corporate debt securities markets as well as featured a special debate on sustainable finance.

Disclaimer. This report includes the main conclusions from the ECMI Annual Conference (Brussels, 6 November 2019). Its content should be attributed solely to the rapporteurs. The speakers participated in their personal capacity and their statements do not necessarily reflect the official position of the organisation with which they are affiliated. A detailed overview of the proceedings is available here.