Sustainable finance in the Covid-19 era

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The Covid-19 pandemic has given a brutal reminder about the need to strengthen the resilience of our societies as a whole. This commentary looks at whether there is a trade-off between managing the crisis and moving ahead with the sustainable finance agenda. It argues that the opportunities to build competitive advantage and to mobilise private capital in support of recovery and growth make it essential to keep up the momentum in this area. Undoubtedly, decisions made under the current circumstances could shape the real economy and financial ecosystem for many years down the road. Hence, there is a sense of urgency to ‘get it right’ by such a variety of stakeholders.

Cosmina Amariei is Researcher at the European Capital Markets Institute (ECMI).

This commentary is part of a dedicated series, as a follow-up to the CEPS–ECMI Task Force Report on “Asset Allocation in Europe: Reality vs Expectations” released in April 2020.

Also re-published in World Commerce Review: Finance.