Rethinking Asset Management: Third Meeting

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CEPS - Centre for European Policy Studies 1 Place du Congrès / Congresplein 1000 Brussels

Task force members met to discuss the contribution of asset management to the economy, where the final report of this task force will seek to put forward concrete proposals. In this context, the group looked at the operational principles of social responsible investment (SRI) and considered ways to implement them across the industry. Participants agreed that environmental, social and governance criteria are useful tools to manage risks and boost returns over the long term. Yet, it was felt that much of the responsibility falls upon institutional investors rather than asset managers, who nevertheless can play an important role by offering SRI vehicles to retail clients. Initiatives to foster long-term investment via dedicated pan-European vehicles were addressed, including a proposal to introduce a long-term UCI for retail investors. The role of hedge funds and other sophisticated investors in the economy was also discussed, next to private equity and venture capital.

About the meeting

Members of the task force will meet on Friday 10th of June at CEPS to discuss the role of asset management in our economies (see list of topics below). Attendance to this meeting is reserved to task force members. Please follow the link (Rethinking Asset Management) to learn more about the task force and download the prospectus. Jean Baptiste de Franssu, president of EFAMA and CEO of Invesco Europe will chair the meeting. The task force is kindly sponsored by the CFA Institute.

Topics of this meeting

  • Financing the economy
    • What lessons can be learnt from Social Responsible Investment (SRI)?
    • Can SRI operational principles be implemented across the board?
    • How important is start-up capital? How can it be enhanced?
    • Do hedge funds bring benefits to society?
  • Saving for retirement
    • Is current regulation adequate to foster long-term investment?
    • How could the market for complementary pension savings become more efficient and competitive?
    • How would the asset management industry be if it was fully involved in pension provision?
  • Competing globally
    • What threats does the EU asset management industry face from third countries? 
    • Why have Ireland and Luxembourg emerged as management centres?
  • Better regulatory coherence
    • How to ensure consistency among the many regulatory reforms?
    • Is regulatory coherence taken seriously by industry and policy-makers?

Arriving to the meeting

Participants will be welcomed from 10:00 at CEPS premises in Brussels. The meeting is scheduled to finish at 16:30


For any doubts or feedback, please contact the person responsible for this task force Mirzha de Manuel at mirzha.demanuel@ceps.eu