Rethinking Asset Management: Fourth Meeting

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CEPS - Centre for European Policy Studies 1 Place du Congrès / Congresplein 1000 Brussels

Defining 'complexity’ for retail financial products should be done with reference to the ability of investors to understand their risk-return pattern. A clear line should therefore be drawn between ‘complexity’ for retail investors and financial stability concerns, which should be separately addressed. These two were the main conclusions of the last meeting of this task force which took place in Brussels in late September to discuss exchange traded funds and structured UCITS, together with the competitive threats to the EU asset management industry in Asia and Latin America. Under the heading ‘From Financial Stability towards Investor Protection’, a forthcoming task force report will consider the best way to improve investor protection and the contribution of asset management to the European economy.

Members of the task force met on Wednesday 28th of September (provisional date) at CEPS to discuss the draft final report and decide on its policy conclusions and recommendations. Participants will also discuss exchange-traded and structured UCITS, and  competition coming from fund jurisdictions outside the European Union, building on presentations by top industry figures. Attendance to this meeting is reserved to task force members. Please follow the link (Rethinking Asset Management) to learn more about the task force and download the prospectus. Jean Baptiste de Franssu, president of EFAMA and CEO of Invesco Europe will chair the meeting. The task force is kindly sponsored by the CFA Institute.

The final report will present in a straightforward and concise way the state of play of asset management regulation in Europe. It will also provide readers from all backgrounds with a useful material to understand asset management and its role in the economy. Finally, the report will discuss policy options, focusing on medium to long term recommendations. The authors will aim at making a significant contribution to explaining the re-regulation of asset management and its implications, and invite policy action to further strengthen the industry and its contribution to the real economy.

Arriving to the meeting

Participants will be welcomed from 10:00 at CEPS premises in Brussels. The meeting is scheduled to finish at 16:15.


For any doubts or feedback, please contact the person responsible for this task force Mirzha de Manuel at mirzha.demanuel@ceps.eu.