Commodities Task Force: Third Meeting

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CEPS - Centre for European Policy Studies 1 Place du Congrès / Congresplein 1000 Brussels

The Task Force on commodities price formation held its third meeting on market structure issues of raw materials and base metals physical and derivatives markets, and in particular for copper, aluminium and iron ore. Two central themes emerged. Firstly, monetary policies may have a direct impact on the price formation mechanisms. Low borrowing costs can partially finance increases in stocks of some storable commodities to exploit the difference between spot and future prices (contango). Secondly, some commodities may incur in high transportation costs, which could be even two times the value of production costs. The meeting discussions feed into the more complex findings that will be published next year in a detailed report. The fourth meeting will be held at CEPS on December 9th.

Please follow the link below to learn more about this task force and download the prospectus. For any questions do not hesitate to contact Research Fellow Diego Valiante at diego.valiante@ceps.eu or phone 0032 2 229 39 14.

Topics of this meeting: Raw materials and base metal commodities

  • Wrap-up of the main points from the last meeting
  • Introductory presentations by regulators
  • In-depth presentations by members
  • Conclusions of the meeting