Brussels Launch of the Task Force Report 'Rethinking Asset Management'

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CEPS - Centre for European Policy Studies 1 Place du Congrès / Congresplein 1000 Brussels

Fresh perspectives open for asset managers as Europe seeks to reduce its historic reliance on banking and promote capital markets. CEPS and ECMI launched their landmark report ‘Rethinking Asset Management’ on April 19 in Brussels. Speaking at this event, Tilman Lueder, Head of Unit at the European Commission, emphasised the opportunities opened by the AIMFD (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive) and the importance of dealing with ‘shadow-banking’ to strengthen the industry. Mirzha de Manuel, author of the report, presented its main findings, including the empirical evidence pointing at widespread shortcomings in investor protection at the point of sale. Fellow panellists all agreed in the crucial importance of reforming distribution to promote competition, product integrity and lower fees – but doing so at the EU rather than national level to preserve the single market.

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About the event

After several months of intense work, ECMI presented on April 19 the final report of its task force 'Rethinking Asset Management'. With the participation of Tilman Lueder, Head of Unit at the European Commission, this event presented the policy recommendations put forward by task force members and the main conclusions of the ambitious report drafted independently by ECMI researchers. On the agenda for this meeting, the sweeping changes in regulation that are just taking shape, including the implementation of the AIFMD, the review of the MiFID rules on investment advice, the PRIPS initiative, the future of the UCITS brand, and the Green Paper on shadow banking. How will it all work together?


  • Jean Baptiste de Franssu, CEO, INCIPIT, and Chair of the ECMI-CEPS Task Force Rethinking Asset Management
  • Karel Lannoo, Senior Research Fellow and CEO, CEPS and ECMI
  • Mirzha de Manuel, Researcher, CEPS and ECMI
  • Tilman Lueder, Head of Unit, Asset Management, DG Internal Market and Services, European Commission
  • Professor Marco Lamandini, University of Bologna, Academic Member of the Board of ECMI
  • Nitin Mehta, Managing Director for Europe, Middle East, and Africa, CFA Institute

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