The Pan European Post MiFID Landscape Summit

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November 1st 2007 marks the beginning of an ongoing process that will change the face of the European markets. TradeTech MiFID Spring 2008will present the most experienced and well regarded MiFID experts from the European buy and sell sides, Giving you first hand strategic information from leading financial institutions about the future of investing in European markets post MiFID

Key topics to be discussed:

  • How to Generate Alpha While Big Brother is Watching
  • Learn What Effect The Liquid List Is Having On Trading Volumes
  • Is The Back Office The New Front Office?: The Importance of Clearing & Settlement Costs on Best Execution
  • How is MiFID Working in Practice: How Did We Ever Trade Without It?
  • Coping With Huge Data Volumes: Where On Earth Are We Going to Put it All?

Make sure that you register one of the limited places at the leading conference in a post-MiFID world.