3rd China IPO Summit

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The 3rd Annual China IPO Summit 2010, as China’s premier networking and information exchange platform specializing in IPO, will be gathering over 150 top professionals from global IPO and corporate finance fraternity including potential issuers, regulators, stock exchanges, investment banks, accounting firms, legal firms, VC/PEs, investor relations firms, PR consultancy and financial printers, etc. With the aim to develop multiple financing channels and identify the IPO dynamics in China, this year’s event will highlight China's growing influence on the global capital market, the trends of IPOs in China and Asia Pacific, the implications of latest policies and regulations for the securities market in China, the growth strategy of the Chinese stock exchanges, the promising industries in new round of IPOs in China and the challenges faced by the Chinese listed companies and potential issuers looking to raise capital.

ECMI is endorser of this event. ECMI members may participate for a 10% discount.

For registration or inquiry, please contact Ms. Tina Tian at: Tel: +86 21 5181 5373 E-mail: tina@igvision.com

Website: www.ipochinasummit.com

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