2016 ECMI AC: Towards the right policy mix for a thriving European capital market

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National Bank of Belgium boulevard de Berlaimont 14 1000 Brussels


Peter Praet European Central Bank (Session 1)
Miles Kimball University of Colorado Boulder (Session 1)
Andy JobstWorld Bank Group (Session 1)
Alberto Gallo Algebris Investments (Session 1)
Gert-Jan Koopman, European Commission (Session 2)
Fernando Restoy, Banco de España (Session 2)
Luis D.S. Morais,  University of Lisbon Law School (Session 2)
Henrik Bjerre-Nielsen,  Finansiel Stabilitet A/S (Session 2)
Stephanie Chan, University of Amsterdam (Session 3)
Yannick Timmer, Trinity College Dublin (Session 3)
Carmine Di Noia, Italian Securities and Exchange Commission (Session 4)
Andrei Kirilenko, Centre for Global Finance and Technology (Session 5)
Corentine Poilvet-ClediereLondon Stock Exchange Group (Session 5)


  • Session 1: What is the impact of negative interest rates on Europe’s financial system? How do we get back?
  • Session 2. Market-based solutions to bank restructuring: can active financial markets help to clean up banks’ balance sheets?  
  • Session 3. Call for papers: Presentation of the winning papers  
  • Session 4. Reshaping the governance of Europe’s capital markets: is enforcement the ‘weakest link’?
  • Session 5. Blockchain and other new technologies: What will capital markets look like as the 21st century unfolds?



  • Miles Kimball, Eugene D. Eaton Jr. Professor of Economics, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Gert-Jan Koopman, Deputy Director-General for State Aid, DG Competition, European Commission
  • Peter Praet, Executive Board Member and Chief Economist, European Central Bank
  • Sébastien Raspiller, Deputy Director, Corporate Financing and Financial Markets Division, Directorate General of the Treasury, French Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • Fernando Restoy, Deputy Governor, Banco de España
  • Andrei Kirilenko, Director, Centre for Global Finance and Technology, Imperial College London


  • Franklin Allen, Professor of Finance and Economics, Imperial College London
  • Raffaella Assetta, Team Leader, Free movement of capital and application of EU law Unit, DG FISMA, European Commission
  • Henrik Bjerre-Nielsen, CEO, Finansiel Stabilitet A/S
  • Anne Choné, Senior Risk Analysis Officer, Innovation and Product Team, European Securities and Markets Authority
  • Fabrice Demarigny, Global Head of Financial Advisory Services and Capital Markets Activities, Mazars
  • Mathias Dewatripont, Director, National Bank of Belgium
  • Carmine Di Noia, Commissioner, Italian Securities and Exchange Commission - Consob
  • Alberto Gallo, Partner, Portfolio Manager and Head of Macro Strategies, Algebris Investments
  • Hugh Grant, Innovation Director, Investment Banking Technology, Barclays
  • Daniel Gros, Director, CEPS 
  • Alexandra Hachmeister, Chief Regulatory Officer, Deutsche Börse AG
  • Andy Jobst, Adviser to the Managing Director and CFO, World Bank Group
  • Josina Kamerling, Head of Regulatory Outreach EMEA, CFA Institute
  • Karel Lannoo, CEO, CEPS and General Manager, ECMI
  • Florencio Lopez de Silanes, Professor of Finance, EDHEC Business School
  • Michel Madelain, Vice Chairman, Moody’s Investors Service
  • Alistair Milne, Professor of Financial Economics, Loughborough University
  • Alessandro Penati, President, Quaestio Capital Management
  • Corentine Poilvet-Clediere, Head of Regulatory Strategy and Post Trade Policy, Europe, London Stock Exchange Group
  • Jan Vincent Rostowski, Professor of Economics, Central European University (former Minister of Finance, Poland)
  • David Wright, Partner, Flint Global and Chairman, Eurofi
  • Pēteris Zilgalvis, Head of Unit, Startups and Innovation, Digital Single Market Directorate, DG CONNECT, European Commission